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Top 5 Fintech Leader

Speeding Insights and Powering Investment Experiences

What if...a robust data fabric and embedded AI led to optimized customer service, predictive risk analysis, and seamless, real-time transaction insights?

Our fintech client launched a modernized wealth management platform that creates efficiencies, boosts revenue opportunities, and eases the client experience.

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Innovating For An Evolving Wealth and Asset Management Market

Wealth management is transforming with generational shifts, evolving advisor roles, new business models, regulatory demands, and a move to low-cost passive products. To address this evolving landscape, our client announced the development of its next-generation, open-source, front-to-back wealth management platform solution to:

  • Boost efficiencies and revenue opportunities for financial advisors
  • Create richer client experiences
  • Digitize enterprise-wide operations

While the platform was under development, the top-ranking fintech firm sought a collaborative digital partner to build a holistic data foundation that eases access to reliable, proactive insights and can adapt as market regulations and consumer expectations evolve.

High-Volume Processing Required Extreme Scale and Rich Integrations

We started by designing and implementing a real-time data fabric and API architecture that connects more than 50 proprietary and third-party applications. We then migrated data to a new AWS-hosted client reference database powered by Apache Glue and DynamoDB.

This highly connected solution consolidates client, transaction, and account data into a dynamic, centralized repository.

Further, its holistic foundation supports extreme scale extract, transform, load (ETL) processes, data mining, and AI-in-stream capabilities that unlock actionable insights from the more than 1.2 billion records and 15 billion data values the platform processes daily for its anchor client.

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Proactive, Real-Time Insights Fast-Track Client Support 

An optimized combination of real-time and batch data fabric AI processing helps take the guesswork and early morning legwork out of day-to-day operations and supports our client's goals to heighten efficiencies and customer experiences.

Intra-day, AI-enabled predictions – delivered automatically through preferred notification channels, including SMS and email – mean that teams are no longer time-bound by end-of-day and overnight data processing.

This powerful capability equips its wealth management partners to more efficiently support clients and build a competitive advantage.

AI delivers proactive insight on potential risk profiles and incentives based on internal and market dynamics to accelerate responsive client services and performance reporting.


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Generating Strong Dividends

With millions of accounts and billions of records in flight every single day for wealth management firms, the extreme-scale data architecture of our fintech client's platform powers productivity across its clients' enterprises.

A robust data fabric and API architecture equip teams with holistic, near-real-time demographic, financial product, and activity data, which increases opportunities for tailored cross- and up-sell communications to clients and advisors.

AI delivers proactive insight on potential risk profiles and incentives based on internal and market dynamics to accelerate responsive client services and performance reporting.

The data platform, along with our industry and technical expertise, enabled the fintech leader to deliver on its vision of a comprehensive, 360-degree platform that boosts efficiencies and elevates experiences.

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