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Better Intelligence Means Better Decisions

Smart decisions made from tangible and quantifiable metrics are the building blocks of great performance. However, your data is growing exponentially, and you need powerful new analytics and visualization techniques to help you leverage that data.

We'll Show You How to Tame the Data Beast

We can identify needs, evaluate information maturity, and gauge your ability to make informed decisions. We’ll develop a strategic framework for integrating technology, human capital, and best practices to make the most of the mountains of data you’re collecting.

We have what it takes to lead you from a strategic planning session to an end-to-end BI implementation, partnering with you to achieve a manageable, scalable, and integrated business intelligence solution.

To Make Better-Informed Business Decisions, You Need to Arm Yourself with Better Data

Business intelligence strategy is not a one-time event; it is an iterative process that continuously evolves as your business changes. Not only is the volume of your data growing exponentially, but increased computing power enables new analytic and visualization techniques to access and utilize that data.

Smart decisions are the building blocks of greatness, so our strategy engagement begins by interviewing stakeholders to determine decision-making needs. We evaluate information maturity using our Business Intelligence Maturity Model and then pinpoint your ability to make informed decisions using our Information Delivery Platform reference architecture as a benchmark.

The actionable strategic plan establishes a framework to address business information needs by integrating technology, human capital, and industry best practices to provide incremental business value and sustainability over time.

We help execute your strategic plan through a blended partnership designed to mentor and enable your team to leverage our proven methods. Let us help you:

  • Clarify and communicate the strategic direction
  • Identify key initiatives and translate strategy into action
  • Determine the appropriate metrics and how they are interrelated
  • Define the analytical pathways by breaking down analysis processes and rebuilding them with best practices

Targets improvements for specific business areas or processes and addresses known pain points by identifying relatively small, incremental efforts that can deliver quick business returns.


Captures ROI statistics and quantifies value of BI capabilities in support of building a strategic, actionable roadmap. It outlines opportunities for improvement in your BI landscape, complete with metrics and prioritization of next steps that are aligned with your business strategy and vision.

Vendor/Tool Selection

To help navigate the complex vendor marketplace and choose the technology stack that is best for your organization, we help you gather requirements, establish selection criteria, and develop and evaluate a vendor short list, ultimately choosing the right technology for your business needs.

Health Check

We assess the tactical issues with your current landscape before evaluating the more strategic aspects of your investment. Discover areas of potential improvement and possible risk, and take quick action approach to address them.

Discovery Workshop

In this workshop, we work collaboratively to better understand your business and technical requirements while simultaneously sharing our experience and insight on products, methods and best practices gleaned from solving similar challenges faced by other organizations. The goal is to gain a common understanding of business needs and problems, and to gather information that will support a high-level project scope and provide a work effort estimate.

Foundation Program

A business intelligence foundation is more than technology – it is the technologies, tools and strategies necessary to support informed decision-making. This is where the BI Foundation comes in. We provide strategic business consulting in parallel with the technology installation in order to ensure you have all the “foundational” components in place to make your program a success.

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