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Data Fabric

Make Decisions with Confidence 

If your business can't find or trust the data flowing into an analysis or insight, you'll never trust the output. Ensure you have enough metadata to find your data, manage its quality and security, and confidently take action with data fabric solutions.

Know Your Data

Our consultants provide you with transparent scorecards showing the quality of data against business rules you define, and the tools you need in order to automate the correction of that data. We configure those tools to enable clear and transparent policies for data masking, pseudonymization, and enforcement of other privacy and security protections. We also implement end-to-end DataOps to enable full observability, lineage tracking, and control over the process of getting data from a source system, validating its accuracy, and provisioning it to the analytics platform.

Trusting your data also requires that you trust your organizational processes. We’ll help you put organizational structures in place to manage and control data and ensure business owners have confidence in the policies and procedures that govern it.

Unify Disparate Data Sources with Data Fabric

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