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Healthcare Personas & Journey Maps

Build Empathy and Understanding. Ease Patient and Member Journeys. 

Create a foundation for strategic, personalized outreach that keeps patients and members engaged. Our member and patient journey maps  and persona jumpstarts will show you how.

  • Understand where your consumers are coming from, how to talk to them, and their common touchpoints.
  • Gain insights into the breaks in your systems, hand-offs that don’t go as intended, and interactions where users ultimately drop off, potentially going to competitors.
  • Create ease by connecting each touchpoint.
  • Create stickiness by aligning users with your brand.
  • Build a vision and align teams across your organization.
  • Deliver personalized healthcare experiences that build trust, improve ROI, and smooth the healthcare journey.

Jump Start Healthcare Experiences With Personas & Journey Mapping

Virtual Health Journey Science Jumpstart 

1 Large Journey Map | 4 Weeks. Get an expert pulse  check on the journeys your virtual health patients are experiencing. Deliverables include interview/survey data analysis, a high-level virtual health journey map based on a lens persona, and a virtual health UX enhancement opportunity summary.

Healthcare Project Lift 

5 Personas with Empathy Maps | 6 Weeks. Build your understanding of five key personas, each with a summarized view of up to 10 healthcare experience stages. The Project Lift is ideal for website development, nurture/drip campaigns, website personalization, and service/business line UX projects.

Healthcare Experience Lift 

6 Large Journey Maps | 8 Weeks. Deepen your understanding of four consumer journeys, each mapped with up to 12 specific healthcare experience stages. The Experience Lift includes touch points, questions/concerns, motivations, and messaging opportunities and is ideal for creating consumer-focused experiences within key business lines with the goal of increased conversions.

Healthcare Experience Lift 360 

6 Large Journey Maps + Site Survey | 10 Weeks. Elevate your understanding of the consumer experience with a user site survey and six journey maps, each detailing up to 12 healthcare experience stages, along with messaging opportunities. Lift 360 is ideal for efforts to create consumer-focused experience within key business lines.

Reach and Engage Healthcare Consumers

Healthcare marketing is changing. Set the pace for enduring consumer relationships built on intelligence and trust.

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