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Internet of Things

Stay Competitive. Transform Your Business With IoT

To stay competitive, you need a digital business transformation plan that involves more than simply investing in technology – you must think strategically about advancing new digital ecosystems to manage data effectively and in ways that seed and cultivate business innovation.

To implement IoT solutions that align with your digital transformation strategy, you need to be thoughtful about the purpose and role these solutions play. Avoid a do-it-yourself approach, and instead consider an implementation partner with the breadth and depth of experience to help ensure success.

We Bring Unparalleled Digital Transformation Expertise to Your IoT Vision

We help you create a complete IoT vision, so your implementation meets both functional requirements and business goals while complementing your existing IT environment. Our experts are poised to drive these conversations, educate you on IoT solutions, help identify your use cases, and create a strategy and implementation roadmap to bring these solutions to life. We will help you make the right technology choices to build a strong foundation that transforms your business.

Our capabilities include:

  • Prototyping IoT solutions and software development to connect devices and systems
  • Business strategy development
  • Systems integration
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Experience design and software deployment
  • Digital design for web and mobile applications

IoT Strategy and Center of Excellence

Wherever you are on your IoT journey, a well-planned strategy is critical for success. We help you to build and align a strategy that addresses connected product marketability, navigates organizational changes, and helps you avoid common pitfalls. A consolidated, combined organization-wide effort ensures efficiency and comprehensive reporting to see true value from your IoT initiatives.

We will work with you to conduct an IoT readiness assessment, build a roadmap and vision, lead platform and hardware evaluations, formulate an integration strategy, and create an IoT Center of Excellence.

IoT Design and Development

Your customers demand the ability to connect anywhere, at any time, and on any device. We design and develop IoT solutions that meet evolving customer experience expectations, including:

  • End-to-end IoT development
  • Build and deploy pilot project and key use cases
  • Integration with existing systems, devices, and platforms
  • Edge computing services
  • Software solutions to manage infrastructure and provide insights

IoT Analytics and Predictive Maintenance Optimization

As IoT and smart devices grow in number, the amount of data to manage and monetize grows exponentially. You need an efficient method to predict, analyze, and act upon IoT data in order to leverage its value. Our solutions help build real-time capabilities for big data, predictive analytics, business intelligence, open architecture, data integration, and process integration.

IoT and Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) helps you gain near-real-time visibility into your most crucial assets. This information is imperative to ensure proper usage, extend the life, improve reliability, monitor true cost of ownership, and get the best return on these critical assets.

EAM encompasses all types of assets that are instrumental in the delivery of products and services and production assets at the level your customers expect, and requires continuous tracking, assessment, and management of myriad physical, technical, and human resources. We provide a complete, streamlined asset lifecycle and maintenance management solution.

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