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Put Power Into the Hands of Your Users

More than ever before, customers, partners, employees, patients and others are in control of when, where, and how they access information. No matter where your content and data reside, it’s your job to make it available.

Portals have been called the "Swiss Army Knife" of technology - agile and purposeful enough to be leveraged for a number of uses. However, just like any multi-use tool, you have to properly plan for and implement it. Failure to take the broad view can result in failure.

Portals put power into the hands of users. They are the gateway to content, transactions, business processes, and even revenue. Regardless of where your content and data reside, you need to make it available to your users.

We’ve Created and Delivered More Than 2,000 Engaging, Useful, Usable and Interactive Web Experiences Across Every Industry

Our award-winning work includes multiple portal types built on a variety of vendor platforms and features integration with many technologies, social capabilities, and mobile sites. We build functional portals that delight and engage end users, no matter who they are.

We can help you create modern websites using a custom development approach with Cloud PaaS application development frameworks. Let our Adobe, Sitecore, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle WebCenter, IBM Softlayer/Bluemix, and Google experts help you quickly create a scalable and agile portal.

Full Life Cycle Projects That Run the Gamut

Our proven Enable Methodology helps you successfully launch portal and social sites. We use iterative methodologies like RUP and Agile to enhance our delivery speed and get you the results you need.

Get Across-the-Board Buy-in

Our two-to-three-month strategy engagement walks through all aspects of your enterprise portal and defines the standards and approach for each aspect of your project. We don’t just focus on technology but also on governance, release management, testing, help desk, and the many other pieces of an enterprise portal.

The majority of our work involves full life cycle development and implementation of portals, team spaces, wikis, blogs, social sites, and more. Our knowledge, best practices and expertise also ensure safe and stable upgrades.

Our Portal and Social Roadmaps Keep You Moving Down the Right Path

Business may run 24/7, but it takes time to create a truly useful site that meets your users’ needs. You cannot afford to invest in a site without first defining and prioritizing what it will do.

Our 24-month portal roadmap takes into account business and technology needs, and their many dependencies, to get you to where you want to be. We help define the vision for your site(s) with a sharp eye on the business needs and audiences. We work with key management and IT resources to create a plan for your portal and coordinate workshops with key stakeholders in your company to identify where web portal software can help.

Diagnose Your Portal Problems with A Health Check

Having problems implementing a portal? Not sure if you're ready to start a portal project? We'll review your project from a best practices perspective. We’ll discuss your vision and business goals, program and project management, methodology, enterprise and application architectures, key add-ons like search and content management, user-centered design, operations, monitoring, testing/QA processes, and more. We’ll then create an actionable deliverable to tell you how to quickly get your project on track or what you need to do to get started.

Prove Your Project’s Worth

Portals and collaboration tools bring significant value, but it can be difficult to state that value in tangible terms. We use value alignment and ROI tools to identify the benefits of portal and collaboration tools to your company not just in terms of cost savings or additional revenue, but in all aspects of the total cost of ownership.

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