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Integrate Data and Applications to Drive Success

If you're like essentially every organization across industries, you're examining your business for opportunities to modernize and digitally transform. Traditional methods of software delivery just don't cut it anymore, making modern application platforms imperative to realizing the IT agility you need to keep pace with business demands. Software containers and container management platforms, specifically Kubernetes, have quickly become a standard for strategic modern application delivery. 

Automate With Ansible

Most server management infrastructure tasks have been automated for some time, but network changes can still create a bottleneck. Red Hat Ansible enables you to automate many IT tasks including cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and intra-service orchestration. With Ansible you can configure systems, deploy software, and coordinate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) or zero downtime rolling updates. Our Ansible Accelerator provides an overview of what Ansible can do to help modernize and streamline your DevOps and IT operations, including highlighting potential organizational problems and pitfalls to avoid.

Transform Your Business with Red Hat

Red Hat is the leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions delivering reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, container, and Kubernetes technologies. As a Red Hat Premier Partner and a Red Hat Apex Partner, we help drive strategic initiatives around cloud-native development, DevOps, and enterprise integration to ensure successful application modernization and cloud implementations and migrations.

We offer targeted platform as a service (PaaS) solutions for the enterprise using Red Hat OpenShift, which are founded on our best practices, methodology, and reusable frameworks to accelerate, migrate, and automate processes.

Power Innovation With Azure Red Hat OpenShift

At the cutting edge of cloud is Azure OpenShift, which combines the power of Microsoft Azure’s wide-reaching capabilities in areas such as big data, analytics, internet of things, edge computing with Red Hat OpenShift’s ability to empower developers to innovate with containers. Importantly, because this is a managed offering from Microsoft and Red Hat, IT organizations can avoid the work of managing the platform themselves and instead focus on building innovative solutions leveraging Azure and OpenShift capabilities

Red Hat and Perficient have been working together to build extended middleware expertise. Perficient has invested in enabling their staff with a focus on Red Hat middleware solutions and have achieved 30 accredited specialists across North America able to sell, demo, and deliver across the Red Hat middleware portfolio John Allessio , Vice President, Global Services at Red Hat

A Feather in Our (Red) Hat

2020 Application Platform Success Partner of the Year

2018 Red Hat Rising Star Partner of the Year

2020 Application Platform Success Partner of the Year

2018 Red Hat Rising Star Partner of the Year

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