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Visionary Solutions for Integration and Interoperability

Industry regulations and increasing consumer expectations – these factors spur the evolution of your healthcare organization. Third-party solutions and partner capabilities integrated with your value chain are essential for improving full-system operations and outreach. To remain competitive and compliant, you’re ramping up real-time data exchanges across a growing web of communication points, leveraging data models for batch, EDI, and HL7 sharing, integrating with external AI models, managing communications and care delivery across mobile and medical device applications. And through it all, your patients and members expect to engage with you across multiple channels. 

These developments demand the safe, secure, compliant, scalable, and fast sharing of data. That’s why integration and interoperability are front and center for healthcare organizations. You must enhance legacy integration approaches while adopting modern API and service-based architectures that comply with industry standards. 

We understand your interoperability needs and the enabling technologies to create a modern integration stack. Whether you need to replace an EMR, integrate multiple EMRs, enable patient and member engagement, field calls in your call center, or create new capabilities driven by regulations, we’ve got you covered.

Create an Actionable Strategy

Our healthcare strategy team knows the industry well. We can help you interpret regulatory requirements and prepare to meet them. We also understand which trends drive your need to share data that will enable your marketers, call centers, data scientists, partners, and other constituents.

Our strategy team can help you:

  • Create a vision and establish goals
  • Select the best technology to meet your unique needs
  • Develop an overall strategy and roadmap
  • Define a reference architecture that can be operationalized

Our Architects, Developers, and UX Teams Can Help You

Our interoperability specialists understand Health Level 7® (HL7), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR), and modern integration stacks, including microservices and API management. As you offload more workloads to third parties, it’s important to have a modern API-based integration architecture.

Our architects and developers can help you:

  • Integrate with various EMRs
  • Support patient and member access to health records
  • Pass data to a variety of third parties in batch and real-time modes
  • Transform and integrate to and from multiple data sources

Grow to New Heights with Advanced Integration

Beyond legacy interoperability, we understand your organization’s need to access key data for enabling a variety of use cases. We’ve helped some of the most well-known healthcare organizations:

  • Integrate CRM and other data to enable care journeys, clinical follow-up, and other forms of outreach
  • Securely enable cloud systems, such as CRM, data warehouses, and reporting applications
  • Enable real-time integration for call centers that need member and patient information to answer questions, schedule appointments, and support ongoing care
  • Integrate with consumer-driven third-party systems such as PillPack
  • Enable advanced and predictive analytics and share data with data scientists and BI reporting tools
  • Create centers for enablement using modern integration tools that provide an Agile foundation for quick delivery of data to the right location at the right time

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