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Personalized healthcare experiences

Personalization in Healthcare

Healthcare consumers expect a personalized experience, but many organizations struggle with delivering it. This is especially difficult with the need to avoid invasiveness and inherent data bias. However, enabling relevant experiences has become a matter of survival.

End-to-end Capabilities to Achieve Your Vision for Personalization in Healthcare

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Understanding Patient and Member Journeys

Curated journey mapping is a foundational starting point for strategic, personalized outreach that keeps people engaged.

Leverage our expertise in healthcare patient experience strategy, design, and implementation to:

  • Understand your consumers and their common touchpoints
  • Identify the messages that will resonate
  • Deliver personalized healthcare experiences that build trust, improve ROI, and ease the healthcare journey
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Gain a 360-Degree View of the Healthcare Consumer

A 360-degree view of your patients and members is a cornerstone to delivering a personalized experience.

We help you achieve this with the right digital foundation, including:

  • A unified login and registration process across digital properties
  • A mature, orchestrated approach to data access and integration
  • Customer data platforms that collect data in real time for holistic, up-to-date consumer profiles
  • HIPAA-compliant targeted communications that are transparent and respectful of consumer data
80% of consumers are more likely to engage and stay loyal to a brand that provides personalized experiences. Forbes

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Gain Insight Into Personalization Trends in Healthcare

Personalize Your Healthcare Marketing: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

Strategize, execute, and grow a personalization strategy that meets healthcare consumers where they are and drives better health outcomes.

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