App Dev

App Dev

To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world, successful companies will be those who recognize they are now software companies. Those who differentiate themselves will build applications and systems tailored to meet their unique business needs and deliver connected customer experiences helping them gain a competitive advantage.

But successful app dev is more than just technology. It means organizing with cross-functional teams, engaging with a product owner who understands the goals and is empowered to steer the final product, and investing in the user experience. It means targeting a minimum viable product, diligently managing scope against goals to realize value faster. It means mitigating risks early by attacking key technical hurdles and demonstrating working software to solicit real-time feedback from stakeholders. It means iteration and evolution.

But that’s easier said than done, and many organizations lack the in-house resources to do all of this on their own. Whether reimagining your existing applications, crafting new solutions, or building B2B or B2C products, we’re here to help.

Solution-Oriented Approach

We strive to understand your business and the unique challenges you face, working as your partner on every engagement. We assemble expert development teams that are accountable for the solutions and apply the right tools and technology for each project.

Solutions often involve front-end web and mobile components, service layers, and back-end data storage and analysis. Commonly used tools and technologies include Angular, React, React Native, various JavaScript frameworks, C#, .NET, SQL Server, Azure PaaS, integration with customer and third-party systems. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly determine the tools, technology and approach that will meet your unique needs and goals.

SaaS Products

You need to bring B2B and B2C products to market faster. We translate and shape your ideas into the technical approach, data models, business rules, and integrations needed to launch. Working in tandem with our Perficient Digital agency, we ensure that a modern, intuitive user experience with brand awareness and mobile-friendly design are front and center. We bring deep engineering expertise, a cloud-first mentality, and understanding of the complexity required to serve a diverse customer base.

Internal Business Applications

We design and build the custom systems needed to run your businesses, including mission-critical processes, human workflow coordination, and integration with internal and external data sources and systems. These systems often also provide reporting and analytics key to operational efficiency. And while brand identity may take a back seat to functionality and budget for internal initiatives, intuitive user interfaces are also essential to successful adoption. We collaborate to plan and implement a solution that balances priorities and delivers value. From there we iterate and enhance and ultimately transition for long-term client ownership.

Application Modernization

As businesses evolve organically, critical systems become difficult and slow to enhance and maintain. Larger transformational efforts often reveal that existing systems no longer align with processes and needs. Many systems are not taking advantage of cloud benefits (scalability, elasticity, reliability, TCO) or technology platforms are reaching end of life and support.

We help you rethink and (re)build products and systems to realize value beyond simple lift and shift. We determine the business’s current and future needs and how new technology can improve the user experience, productivity, and competitive position. We work to quickly understand your business and integrate with your teams to collaborate and advise on a phased approach and prioritization for business value. From there we manage the effort like any new construction while ensuring we are planning for a smooth technical and organizational transition from old systems.