Digital Transformation

Meet Today’s Digital Demands

Business success in the digital age requires new technologies, new strategies, and a new psychology that embraces both. Microsoft has the solutions to support your digital transformation, empowering both your internal users and external consumers. We have the skills to build it for you.

Look to the Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is at the heart of business optimization and is the backbone of a digital transformation.

Office 365 and Azure allow you to operationalize platform costs, as opposed to making massive capital expenditures.

  • Yammer and enterprise social connect employees to one another, lowers communication barriers, and encourages increased responsiveness.
  • SharePoint builds collaboration, speeding idea development, creation and time to market.
  • Dynamics CRM and CRM Online can report customer data.
  • Sitecore, while not a Microsoft product , is a leading enterprise content management system and has the ability to transform the customer experience.

Stay on Top of CX Trends

Microsoft Cloud solutions enhance capabilities to deliver exceptional customer service.

Azure is not only Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in a general sense, but also a Data Center as a Service and a development platform. Dynamics CRM gives the ability to collect customer data. SharePoint, Power BI and Delve, and dynamic search help you make sense of the data and leverage it for business operations.

Partner products like Sitecore, built on the Microsoft platform, help businesses establish continual connectedness and manage every aspect of mail, web and digital marketing. Office 365 brings agility, while Yammer connects employees.

Bet Both Sides of the Coin

Digital transformation comes from the ability to excel in both customer experience and business optimization, and the Microsoft Cloud maps against both. Creating memorable customer experiences requires collecting and using customer data, effective digital marketing and digital commerce, and an underlying development platform, infrastructure and data center solutions. Email in the cloud, social and business insights, and empowered employees are also essential components. Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint, Delve, Portals, Yammer, and Power BI, along with Azure PaaS and Azure IaaS, provide the solutions to optimize your internal operation.

People, Processes, and Data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does more than just manage customer data. It brings together the best of CRM, ERP, and sales solutions into one cloud-based platform. Tools for customer service, talent management, sales, finance, marketing, and more drive your organization’s digital transformation with Dynamics 365, and position your business to meet – and exceed – the ever-changing needs of your customers.