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A Global Provider of Auto Finance

A Great CX Beyond the Driver’s Seat

What if... we could help our client's customers interact with the brand on their terms, whenever and wherever they liked?

Our client is a wholly-owned captive finance subsidiary. They are a global provider of auto finance solutions, with operations in North America, South America, and Asia. 

A team of coworkers strategizing on a white board.

Strategic Insight

Consumers today expect systems not only to know them, but to interact with them on their terms, when and where they like.

To meet this customer-first expectation, our client has created a digital vision that spans the entire buying experience – personalizing experiences to build customer loyalty and creating seamless customer experiences to provide a constant connection.

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A Vision of Self-Service

On a monthly basis, our client receives 300,000 to 500,000 customer phone calls. This level of calls is incredibly costly to our client and a huge frustration for customers who wish to manage loans and leases and access services on their own.

At the onset, our client's strategic vision was to enable self-service that would give customers the experience they want with a path of less friction. This vision led our client to implement chat, develop mobile applications, and even begin looking into voice technology.

Since this improved experience gives customers tools to service needs on their own, there are also operational benefits. With the shift from phone calls to chat use, customer service teams can assist up to 4x the number of customers in a single day. This immense business savings enables our client to put more funding towards a better user experience.

A Personalized Path for Lessees

We helped our client to bring personalization to its lessees through its business site, landing pages, and end-of-lease sites. Using Adobe Target, we were able to drive personalization in both authenticated and unauthenticated experiences. Based on where visitors come from, or their customer status, we identified and implemented sixteen unique use cases for personalization of the experience, content, and calls-to-action.

Eligible existing customers will see options to enhance their account with priority services like e-billing or autopay, and they may see exclusive offers for valued customers if they have an account in good standing. If an individual partially completes an online credit application before abandoning, only to return to the site at a later time, the experience will be personalized and suggest the applicant complete the application.

Alternatively, a visitor whose lease is close to ending will receive vehicle offers for their next lease, based on the brand and category of their current vehicle.

Next, we will extend the personalization experience with our client in the form of a multi-channel marketing program, with seamless personalization across all customer touchpoints.

Keeping it in the Brand Family

After a customer drives off the lot, our client may become the customer’s only touchpoint with the manufacturer’s brand family. Even more than scheduled service appointments, regular monthly billing cycles provide a unique opportunity to stay connected with customers and ensure their driving and brand experience leads to a subsequent lease or purchase in the same brand family.

This goes beyond simple retention tactics and is the result of a holistic design approach that presents complex offers and incentives to customers with targeted content, email, and messages.

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Easier Account Management

We integrated several of our client's back-end systems to standardize the account information provided to customers across all channels – whether desktop, mobile, or through a customer service rep.

Because the account management section has a captive audience every month – when lessees pay their bill – we want to take that opportunity to enhance their experience.

Looking ahead, our client wants to help customers understand when their car may need service and provide them with service options, offers, and the ability to schedule appointments. This will help drive our audience back to the dealers, and the dealers will in turn continue to drive traffic to our client.

Getting Conversational

Financial services companies often present information in technical, legalese terms that can feel impersonal and leave customers confused.

We are working with our client to update its website and mobile applications with more customer-first, on-brand, and conversational copy. This will help customers feel like they have a trusted partner on their side every time they log in to their online account.

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Meeting Users on Mobile

At the beginning of our engagement with our client, we conducted a Mobile IQ strategy assessment to provide benchmarks and guidance for our client to build, deliver, and sustain a compelling mobile experience. Based on this guidance, the company determined it would realize a higher ROI with us leading its mobile app development.

We completed our initial goal of getting our client up and running with a native Android app and then got to work building cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android.

These new cross-platform apps have been well received and feature several enhancements including an improved UX, increased stability and reliability, and touch ID and Face ID for iOS. These applications also have about 50% codeshare between them, reducing future work and costs while increasing speed to market.

When the iOS version of the new app launched, it received more than 144,000 downloads within the first three months, despite having had little promotion at that point. In its first two months, the app contributed 25% of the total chat volume.

Perficient and our client have built a roadmap with ongoing enhancements to its mobile experience, including simplifying the user experience, implementing personalized offers, and creating greater integration with our client's brands.

As a result of our work, our client has more personalized experiences in place and is better equipped to meet customers wherever they are in their buying journey. They have won three digital marketing awards. 


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Better Data, Better Decision

We’ve been working with our client to understand its business goals and determine which analytics to track to help reach them.

We implemented Adobe Analytics within several experiences – including the website, MyAccount portal, mobile apps, online credit applications, and end-of-lease pages – to improve campaign tracking and reporting so our client can iterate and adjust its campaigns for the most success. We also implemented Adobe’s newest tag management system, Launch. Using this best-in-class tag management system, our client can unify its marketing ecosystem to deliver standout digital experiences.

With a refreshed approach to the type of data collected, and with access to more details within that data, our client can now use these insights to provide its customers the best and most personalized experiences possible. Moreover, it’s helping to drive better business decisions and align priorities.

One instance of this is the analysis of iOS usage data from each area of the app to inform and guide priorities for the development team.


With more personalized experiences in place and the right tools to measure effectiveness, the company is better equipped to meet its customers wherever they are in their buying journey. Our client has also seen operational resources free up as customers have been empowered with frictionless self-service options.

These self-service website and mobile experiences have:

  • Increased Net Promotor Score by 90%
  • Reduced call center volume by 47% in key areas such as billing and statements, make a payment, and forgotten password
  • Increased digital auto play registration by 112%
  • Drove $112K in loans and leases
  • Won three (3) digital marketing awards

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