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Quest Diagnostics

Building a New Digital Experience

What if... we could consolidate multiple, disparate websites and create a cohesive content and brand experience, while also redesigning the flagship website?

Quest Diagnostics (Quest) is a North American Fortune 500 clinical laboratory providing diagnostic information services across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. 

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Unifying an Inconsistent Brand & Content Experience 

Disparate websites across siloed business units created confusion for patients and prospects, eroded consumer confidence in their digital interactions with the Quest brand, and negatively impacted search results – all while demanding overhead of multiple teams to manage the 16 independent sites.

Quest needed to implement a new content management system that could unify these websites, including its flagship.

We hosted discovery sessions with key stakeholders to determine the current state of Quest’s digital experience and used the findings to create six future-state journey maps to guide our work around design, customization, and any additional future work. We then set about bringing the newly consolidated to life using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

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Building a Cohesive, Journey-Based Experience

Before we started building the new website, we created a site vision and established a content governance framework for the company’s use of Adobe Target, which powers tailored, customized digital experiences.

With the right governance and strategic future-state roadmap in place, we used AEM to begin migrating content from the microsites to the client’s flagship site. This included a comprehensive assessment of each site to ensure all content adhered to enterprise design standards and best practices in readability, tone, clarity, and other factors essential for user engagement.

We launched the site with a new, journey-based information architecture and navigation system. We consolidated content from the 16 different sites into a single source of truth, and that content is managed with a single shared taxonomy. The site includes indexable web pages for thousands of locations to further improve Quest's visibility on search engines.

Combating Duplicate Content & Diluted Search Results With Section Owners

One of Quest’s top priorities was unifying content across its 16 disparate microsites to decrease the amount of duplicate information that misdirected patients and negatively impacted search.

To address this, we established a new role called a "section owner” in several of the company’s primary business units, or “sections” whose content is represented on the newly consolidated website.

The section owner's role is to facilitate cross-team communication and ensure alignment with the site’s vision and standards. Regular section owner meetings allow for content and performance reviews, and discussion of any upcoming strategy, design, or development updates.

Our users and customers expect a seamless digital experience where they can easily find information when and where they need it most. We knew we wanted to create a single source of truth, and Perficient helped us build a new digital experience that funnels information into one integrated site. We now have a solid foundation that we can grow from as our needs evolve. Senior Director of Digital Strategy,  Quest Diagnostics

Positioning for Continued Success

Creating visual consistency and a sense of cohesiveness is essential to offering end users a predictable and easy-to-use experience. To enable this consistency – as well as a more scalable content operations approach for Quest’s internal teams – we developed eight design templates, 75 reusable page components, and content governance guidelines.

Additional site enhancements and new functionality included:

  • Positioning the site for improved data and search by optimizing the size and quality of the contact database
  • Migrating to SOLR (enterprise search platform) and LucidWorks Fusion (search personalization) to enable enhanced features for faceted search results
  • Adding Qualtrics to enable continual customer feedback and satisfaction data
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Detailed location-specific pages to help consumers find a location that’s convenient to them, plus all information about their selected locations
  • Any site that supports the needs of a large and complex organization must be equipped to integrate with existing systems and tools. Key integrations of the redesigned Quest website included:

    • Eloqua, Quest’s primary marketing automation platform
    • Google Analytics
    • Adobe Dynamic Media
    • Adobe Target for ongoing customization

    Finally, we provided AEM site administrator training to multiple Quest team members who will work to maintain and ensure the site's long-term administration and success.


    Quest Diagnostics website home page.

    A New and Optimized Website for an Improved User Experience

    The re-imagined site allowed for cohesive content across the site, a better search experience, and consolidated analytics.

    Since launch:

    • Organic search keyword rankings increase consistently, month over month
    • The number of organic sessions has increased, averaging over 3.5M visits per month
    • Mobile traffic increased, especially in the patient population

    Additionally, the new flagship includes features and functionality that did not exist previously, including the introduction of a responsive design and detailed “location pages” for all locations.

    AEM supports a fully responsive site design that is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, and is also accessible per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level AA standards, ensuring all customers can easily and effectively engage with the site.

    Our deep healthcare and Adobe expertise uniquely qualified us to serve Quest Diagnostics with an end-to-end solution – from framing out the vision for an integrated flagship site, to its design, implementation and launch, and ensuring continued client success through platform training.

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