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Artificial Intelligence

Out-Innovate Your Competition with Well-Planned AI Implementations

Enterprise AI is still in its formative stages, but that shouldn’t discourage you from making an investment now. In fact, waiting to incorporate AI until it’s a part of standard IT practice could put you at risk of being out-innovated by competitors with more experience in the future.

That said, you don’t have to start big. Our experts can help you determine small projects where value can be added with existing technology and then design a strategy and roadmap to help you turn your information into a strategic asset.

Overcome the First Obstacle to Artificial Intelligence

AI isn’t going anywhere and will likely need to become a key component of your technology portfolio if you want to stay competitive. And many of the technologies under AI’s umbrella – machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics – will lay a foundation to combine AI with other emerging technologies and create innovative opportunities.

Making an early investment is important, too. Current predictions expect early adopters to emerge as leaders, while others fall behind. Because AI technology is constantly improving and will continue to grow exponentially, being late to the party may mean never catching up. Unlike other technology, AI requires more time to ramp up and begin implementation to see business value.

Take a Refined, Pragmatic Approach to AI

While AI adoption may come with challenges, potential adopters are often confronted with their own perception before they ever begin. The assumption is that AI implementation is a tremendous undertaking that has to be applied in an immense way. The reality is that you can start small. We can help you identify clear business use cases and then begin with smaller projects. This strategy ensures that you’re moving in the right direction and helps manage expectations before taking on larger projects.

Our solution expertise includes:

  • Text and content analytics
  • Virtual agents and chatbots
  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine learning models
  • Decision support
  • Cognitive search implementations

Adopt Best Practices for Better ROI

We are attuned to the latest best practices to deliver successful cognitive and AI solutions, including:

  • Roadmaps to establish governance
  • Begin with small use cases for proof of concept
  • Data identification and cleansing
  • Iterate and learn to allow sufficient stabilization
  • Use a best-of-breed approach, because one size does not fit all
  • Optimize training efforts

Delivering Successful AI Solutions

2019 Gold DotCOMM  Award

2017 IBM Beacon Award- Outstanding Watson Solution

2019 Gold DotCOMM  Award

2017 IBM Beacon Award- Outstanding Watson Solution

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