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Organizational Change Management 

Organizational Change Management: Managing the Human Side of Change to Achieve Your Goals

We help clients enable change to protect market share, gain competitive advantage, and realize ROI. Our organizational change management (OCM) consultants employ a structured change management approach for transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a more optimized future state. We help you manage the change process to ensure your team is ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in the new environment.

Whether change is driven by a technology solution, the demands of digital commerce, or organizational imperatives, transformations are successful only when the human dimension is fully considered and supported.

Your Digital Transformation Success Hinges on Holistic Change

Leaders often face a dual challenge: to leverage the power of digital and create new value for customers and employees while at the same time managing the profound disruptions likely to accompany these new opportunities. As your OCM partner, we minimize disruption and loss of productivity and increase project success by enabling people to a ccept and adapt to new ways of thinking and behavior.

Just as individuals tend to handle changes to their environment in similar ways , organizations also respond to change in predictable patterns. Given such predictability, a systemic approach to change can serve as a vital map to navigate most organizational transitions, both large and small.

A Strategic Approach to Change Management

Our change management approach consists of four phases that drive engagement and adoption.


  • What is changing?
  • Why is it changing?
  • Who is impacted, and what are they feeling?


  • How to mitigate resistance and leverage strengths
  • When to engage, train, communicate and sustain support


  • Peer support
  • Coaching and role modeling
  • Training and development


  • Change champions, celebrations, and support
  • Reinforce and normalize end-state behaviors and metrics
  • Manage and enable change to provide competitive differentiation.
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Operational Readiness Assessment

Operational Readiness is critical to the success of any transformation initiative. The Operational Readiness Assessment (OP IQ) measures your organization’s maturity in the critical areas necessary to support transformation. We assess your transformation’s current state in the seven leading indicators of a transformation’s success or failure: policies, processes, compliance, governance, measures, people, and technology.

Organizational Change Management Strategic and Tactical Services   

While we customize every program to your unique needs, our OCM engagements typically fit one of six offering profiles – from strategic thought leadership and guidance to tactical execution.

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