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Older woman with blood pressure cuff and pill bottle on table in front of her looking at her cellphone.
Salesforce Healthcare Expertise

Deliver Enhanced Patient and Member Experiences in Healthcare

Like customers across industries, healthcare consumers today have come to expect the same level of personalization from their care providers as they do from the retail outlets they shop with.

Rapid advances in technology, combined with ever-increasing amounts of data and population changes have introduced a number of challenges to the healthcare industry, including:

Perficient combines strategy, industry best practices, data, and technology to shape the experiences and engagement of consumers, develop intelligent strategies, streamline operations, and improve the cost and quality of care.

At the heart of our strategy is Salesforce Health Cloud, the platform that helps healthcare organizations connect with their providers, payers, patients, and members in meaningful ways. Health Cloud’s customization features have the power to centralize customer data, streamline operations and optimize the health journey.

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