Digital Health

Transforming Healthcare Solutions with Data-Driven Results

With strategic vision, creative imagination, and deep technical know-how, we empower healthcare organizations to improve health and wellness.

Driven by data and insights, our end-to-end offering is designed to modulate to your ever-changing, ever-increasing business challenges. We empower you to harness empathy and emotion to drive engagement and loyalty to levels that disrupt the healthcare industry and set new standards of excellence.

Our digital health offerings address your unique needs, including:

Health Consumerism

  • Maximize resources to deliver personalized experiences
  • Enable deeper loyalty between patients, providers, members, and health plans
  • Connect patients with their in-network healthcare provider
  • Empower patients and members with self-service tools

Care Delivery

  • Improve outcomes and enable preventative health by empowering patients and members with digital wellness programs
  • Identify and implement successful ways to deliver healthcare everywhere
  • Engage with physicians and care teams to drive improved outcomes
  • Create more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective methods for care delivery

Population Health Management

  • Reduce the cost of providing quality care to the chronically ill
  • Connect with patients through real-time monitoring
  • Provide better access to critical data and actionable predictive insights
  • Facilitate outreach to members with chronic disease
  • Engage with the broader community of service providers to address social determinants

Business Transformation

  • Enhance employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Enable change agents, unite and empower employees
  • Provide employees with greater and faster access to critical information

Health IQ Assessment

Our Health IQ offering is a diagnostic that evaluates a company’s effectiveness in creating, delivering, and sustaining a compelling customer experience (CX). The 6-week engagement is an effective way to engage the management team, create alignment, and guide decisions about where and how to improve CX.