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Generative artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize Your Business With Generative AI Services

Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way people work and create. From task automation to creative assistance, Gen AI allows humans to create content at a faster and more efficient rate. Our team of practitioners is here to help you navigate the potential risks and downsides and explore the potential of generative AI in your business.

Our Generative AI Service Offerings

Our generative AI practice helps you create better customer experiences through content, design, and coding, delivering solutions that help turn your information into a strategic asset.

Key Use Cases to Start Exploring Gen AI:

  • Product Design: Leverage image and 3D model generation for product design
  • Search: Integrate generative AI and search
  • Product Recommendations: Leverage generative AI to drive product recommendations
  • Virtual Agent: Gen AI-powered virtual agents
  • Agent Assist: Use Gen AI to support contact center agents
  • Coding/Development: Use Gen AI to expedite coding and development
  • Content Creation: Leverage Gen AI for content creation
  • Narrative Reporting: Auto-summarization
  • Process Automation: Use Gen AI as an assistant to process automations
  • AI-Generated Metadata: Use AI to generate images and other sorts of metadata
  • Training and Curriculum: Create training lessons and in-depth curriculum via multiple prompts

Jump Start Your Generative AI Adoption With CX AI

CX AI is an innovative, five-week approach to defining how AI can make the biggest impact on your business. Built on our accelerated modeling process, CX AI focuses on developing an interactive model that demonstrates how your organization can leverage machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing to jump start AI adoption.

AI capabilities, AI computer concepts.

How We Do It: PACE Framework

Our PACE Framework is a holistic approach to designing and deploying ethical and trusted AI operational programs in four key areas: Policies, Advocacy, Controls, and Enablement. We help you establish corporate guidelines for acceptable AI usage, increase understanding through education and collaboration, implement necessary oversight and risk management, and provide the tools and resources to facilitate responsible AI adoption. This comprehensive framework empowers you to innovate with confidence while mitigating risks and upholding ethical standards as you integrate AI across your organization.

Where We've Done It

See How Generative AI Can Make an Impact on Your Business