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Order Management

Be the Ruler of All Your Inventory

Customer experience is the cornerstone of any commerce system, and a positive experience stems from your most important assets: your products and services.

If you have extensive catalogs and vast customer networks it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of inventory, manage orders, and maintain transparency throughout the fulfillment process. The last thing you want to do is let your customers down, but is it possible to maintain total transparency?

In fact, it is. We can help you create a successful ordering experience with an order management system (OMS) and provide omnichannel commerce experiences every step of the way.

Achieve Measurable Results

An OMS seamlessly integrates into your business channels and simplifies the ordering and fulfillment process by consolidating product data, providing real-time global inventory visibility, and enabling step-by-step order tracking. Your business will see measurable results and improvements in customer loyalty and a reduction in fulfillment costs.

Find out how our OMS experts can help your company create a seamless ordering experience and improved scalability, starting with an assessment of your order management capabilities.

B2B Supply Chain Imperative: Forrester + Perficient’s Perspective 

We partnered with research and advisory firm Forrester to create a five-part video series to provide a detailed explanation and walk-through of the importance of the new consumer-first business model. Watch the videos  to learn more about integrating order management systems to provide a scalable omnichannel experience and create a more personal experience for both business and customer.

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  • Supply Chain with IBM: The Benefits of a Cloud Order Management System
  • Supply Chain With IBM: Why B2B Organizations Should Adopt OM Now

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