Strategy and Advisory Services

Chart The Course to a Differentiated Consumer Experience, Stronger Financial Performance, Improved Patient Outcomes, and Healthier Populations

The healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, bringing with it the need to adopt new care models, capitalize on disruptive technologies, and effect regulatory, operational, financial, and organizational change. The ability to accelerate transformation is quickly becoming an imperative for many organizations that seek to adapt and flourish in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Harness the Power to Transform Healthcare

Our Healthcare Strategy and Advisory practice provides guidance to address the challenges of modern healthcare. Whether you are focused on providing high-quality and affordable care, engaging and empowering consumers in their healthcare journey, or positioning your organization for innovation, agility, and operational efficiency, we partner with you to strategize, plan, and deploy transformative change.

Our team of management consultants, clinicians, and specialists work at the intersection of strategy, digital, and health to deliver industry-changing outcomes by using creative approaches to solve problems through assessment, best-practice advice, strategy, and roadmaps.

We take the time to build trust with our payer and provider clients, which translates into lasting relationships and sustained value. We use proven approaches tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We apply strategy, technology, and innovation to help you identify and realize the art of the possible. We support strategic planning and execution of key strategic initiatives in healthcare, driving impactful results across a host of contemporary challenges.

We offer insights and perspectives into key healthcare challenges and develop strategies to meet them head on, including:

  • Value-Based Care: Program approach and insights to help you transition from volume to value
  • Digital Health Strategy: Differentiated consumer experiences, engagement and digitally enabled care
  • Business Optimization: Improved performance through front-, middle-, and back-office transformation
  • Centers of Excellence and Enablement: Operationalize new capabilities and upskill next-generation teams
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: Adaptive frameworks to address risk and ensure governance and compliance
  • Analytics and Data Strategy: Business-aligned analytics, data, and operational roadmaps to drive better insights
  • AI and Machine Learning: A plan to operationalize AI/ML as integrated decision-support technology
  • Cloud Strategy: Define your highest-value opportunities and best path to the cloud
  • Integration Strategy: Build an Integration Center of Excellence and drive efficiency and scalability using contemporary methods
  • Innovation Incubator: Innovate new products and services through prototyping, leveraging on-demand platforms, and design-thinking concepts

Who We Serve

Perficient has extensive experience within Healthcare, in fact healthcare represents our biggest vertical with clients spanning providers, plans, and health solution companies. We support many of the largest health organizations in the U.S., including:

  • 15 of the largest healthcare providers
  • 16 of the largest health plans
  • 16 Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations 

Define the Future State Vision

We take a business-driven approach to strategy that enables you to connect people, knowledge, and technology to provide the most affordable, highest-quality care to your patient population. We seek opportunities and challenges where digital assets, process improvement, and organizational transformation may provide the ideal solution, and then create a vision and plan to act upon it.

Build a Strategic Scaffolding

Substantial organizational change calls for a solid framework to support rapid strategic development. Our proven methodology assembles this structure in six stages:

  1. Business Plan or Business Case:  Identify the most relevant and impactful use cases with accompanying investments and returns over time.
  2. Roadmap: A high-level project plan detailing durations and dependencies.
  3. Technical Assessment: Designed to meet the needs of the use cases identified.
  4. Proof of Concept or Pilot: Test the digital strategy concepts before rollout.
  5. Governance Model: Define how decisions are made, how issues are escalated, how information is communicated, and who is responsible.
  6. Strategy Execution: Custom built and implemented for your organization, the strategy is executed in phases, measuring progress and outcomes along the way.

Put Insight, Information and Intelligence to Work

Strategic technology solutions, combined with customer interactions, provide streams of valuable information that can be mined and analyzed to achieve organizational objectives. We help you to define the next-generation platforms that will deliver the insights you need. Our Patient-360 and Member-360 intelligence takes pages from the retail consumer engagement playbook and utilizes them thoughtfully in marketing, engagement, and patient/member experience and personalization in the healthcare setting.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

We deliver services designed to meet your unique needs. While these services are typically matched and combined to form a comprehensive and targeted solution, any individual service can be fully delivered as a standalone offering.

We examine the efficiency, profits and structure of the organization, then offer suggestions on methods of improvement, working across business domains to do so. We often help with evaluation and strategic planning within the areas of:

  • Transitioning from volume to value
  • Adapting to the consumerism of healthcare
  • Improving performance through big data and advanced analytics
  • Diligence, inversions, separations and integrations
  • Complying with evolving regulations
  • Optimizing EHR systems
  • Harnessing disruptive technologies

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