Strategy and Advisory Services

Harness the Power of Data and Intelligence to Transform Healthcare

You are focused on providing high-quality, lower-cost care, and you want to engage and empower your consumers. To succeed, you probably recognize that consumer data that generates insights in an omni-channel experience is at the heart of driving loyalty and improving health and wellness decision-making. We can help you to:

  • Unify consumer experiences across all touch points
  • Identify and focus on you highest value consumers
  • Target consumers with personalized offers through multiple channels
  • Employ predictive analytics to enable cross-sell and up-sell
  • Implement closed-loop analysis and continuous optimization

Turn Consumer Insight into Engaging Healthcare Experiences

We connect human insight with digital capabilities in order to transform the consumer experience and deliver significant business value. We leverage the following skills to enable transformation using market intelligence:

  • Management Consulting: We are experts in delivering digital experience, business optimization, and management consulting services that help you operate more effectively.
  • Healthcare Industry Knowledge: Sentiment analysis and the generation of loyalty programs are an important component of any healthcare outreach program. We provide strategic advisory services that are tied directly to multiple member and patient engagement projects.
  • Enterprise Information Solutions: Our core competencies in business intelligence, interoperability, and digital health are essential when using data to drive customer insights that motivate cost-effective consumer behavior.
  • Roadmap & Platform Selection: Spanning both intelligence and collaboration, it is imperative to create a market intelligence solution that provides true end-to-end support.
  • Consumer Experience Design: Perficient Digital is our in-house, creative digital agency that specializes in turning data insights into engaging experiences that transform the way business is done.

Develop a Digital Strategy That Increases Connection

The goals of a digital health project are discovered through comprehensive research that identifies opportunities and challenges within the organization. Digital strategy provides healthcare organizations insight into the project while building a solid framework for a successful implementation.

The most important tool used in the analysis of this business problem is data. This data is uncovered in several ways:

  • Stakeholder Interviews: One-on-one interviews and group workshops with the goal of understanding underlying processes, challenges, opportunities, and the role digital assets can play in enabling business users.
  • Consumer Interviews: One-on-one interviews and focus groups reveal consumer behaviors, needs, objectives and perceptions. Interviews with patients or members may also include usability testing on the effectiveness of digital assets or field research to analyze the experience within the appropriate context.
  • Competitive Analysis: This includes evaluations of an organization’s local and national competitors and exemplars to better understand a company's strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors.
  • Business Analysis: We analyze the business state to understand the financial impact – positive and negative – that certain changes in strategy would have on the organization.
  • Web Analytics: Analyzing usage patterns can identify strengths and weakness of the current digital inventory.
  • Funnel Analysis: The online assets of a healthcare organization can be modeled as a sales funnel, with analysis providing insight into the conversion rate and most critical investment points along the digital experience sales funnel.

This digital strategy becomes the cornerstone upon which successful digital investment is built.

Define the Future State Vision

We take a business-driven approach to digital strategy that enables you to connect people and knowledge through a three-phase research, future state, and implementation program. Our digital strategy is a process of organizing your goals and initiatives to maximize the benefits of your digital investment. We find opportunities and challenges within the organization where digital assets may provide the ideal solution.

Build a Strategic Scaffolding

  • Business Plan or Business Case: Identify the most relevant use cases with accompanying investments and returns over time.
  • Roadmap: A high-level project plan detailing durations and dependencies.
  • Technical Assessment: Designed to meet the needs of the use cases identified.
  • Proof of Concept or Pilot: Test the digital strategy concepts before rollout.
  • Governance Model: Define how decisions are made, how issues are escalated, how information is communicated, and who is responsible.
  • Strategy Execution: Custom built and implemented for your organization, executed in phases.

Put Insight, Information and Intelligence to Work

Strategic technology solutions provide streams of valuable information that can be mined and analyzed to achieve business objectives. Our Patient 360 and Member 360 offerings take pages from retail consumer engagement playbook and utilize them thoughtfully in the healthcare setting.

Within each core competency, we deliver a number of services designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations. While these services are typically matched and combined to form a comprehensive and targeted solution, any individual service can be fully delivered as a standalone offering.

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