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Beyond the Buzzword: The True Meaning of Experience-Driven, B2B Commerce

B2B commerce is constantly changing due to rapidly-evolving buyer needs. An experience-driven commerce approach can help you lead with a customer-focused mindset, meet increasing demand, and provide insights-led, omnichannel experiences.

Our 5-session track will take you through the B2B buyer journey and highlight key areas where experience-driven commerce makes a direct impact on your buyer journey and business goals.

Beyond the Buzzword: B2B

Increase B2B Awareness with Experience-Driven Commerce

A website is only the first step to targeting and attracting prospective customers. You need to establish a plan to drive awareness that complements your website, and more importantly, your brand. Taking an experience-driven approach in your awareness strategy is key to creating consistent and holistic commerce experiences, not only when building new customer relationships but also in maintaining them.

Realize Active Buyer Engagement Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Establishing a relationship with your buyers isn't something that's done overnight; rather, taking an experience-driven approach to your commerce strategy is how you'll unlock opportunities to nurture and maintain more authentic relationships that establish a genuine connection with your buyers.

Close More Deals with Experience-Driven Commerce

Imagine moving through the buying journey only to be disappointed and turned away at the point of purchase. This is often the reality for B2B buyers when faced with a lack of accurate information and pertinent resources regarding their order. Stop losing customers by taking an experience-driven purchase and fulfillment approach that instills confidence and satisfaction in buyers.

Provide World-Class Buyer Support with Experience-Driven Commerce

Understanding how to support your customers at every stage of the buying journey directly affects the relationship you have with them. In B2B, where your customers are often buyers with accounts who consistently do business with your company, post-purchase support is crucial and often more complex than at a retail company. 

Build Long-Lasting Buyer Loyalty Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Supportive B2B buyers are a direct result of the efforts your business puts into to making their experience as seamless and personalized as possible. Not only do buyers expect B2C-like buying experiences by way of elevated personalization and self-service, but they also need a reason to choose your company over your competition.