Achieve End-to-End Automation

We combine the power of Pegasystems' digital process automation (DPA) platform for customer engagement and operational excellence with our own strategy and delivery expertise to help create customized leading DPA solutions.

We are a Pega partner with more than a decade of experience developing and growing our best practices around the platform. Pega’s technology offers a distinctive process automation proposition as the only platform that allows you to visually build highly complex business solutions without coding. If you’ve driven a car, used a credit card, submitted a claim, or performed countless other everyday tasks, you’ve likely interacted with Pega.

Our unique partnership with Pega enables us to build solutions that seamlessly connect Pega’s powerful process management software with enterprise-wide or line-of-business content repositories.

We offer services across Pegasystems and have certified team members whose experiences position us as innovators. Our core services include:

Environment Consolidation Lab
A services framework that aims to review and analyze your existing PRPC environments and determines how to consolidate the total environments into a more effective and manageable set. 
Architecture Assessment (Health Check)
An assessment of your existing Pega application portfolio architecture, with the aim of evaluating the architecture to reduce maintenance and future development costs by as much as 35%.
Pega Upgrade Lab
A services offering that quickly and efficiently upgrades the environment to the latest version. Additionally, the offering provides an evaluation of the existing application portfolio to determine what is needed to make it compliant with the latest version, so that it can it can be extended and enhanced on the newest platform. 

A cloud enablement and implementation acceleration service, aimed at providing 80% reduction in infrastructure readiness and 50% reduction in total cost of ownership. 
Platform Training 
A use case-based approach for training resources how to use PRPC to develop applications. Our service is unique because it is not a series of disjointed classroom exercises, but rather a cumulative approach that educates you on how to, over a 3-week period, hands-on build a Pega application from a simple concept to a fully constructed application.

(Auto)Bot Transformation Blueprint
An analysis and delivery offering that engages at a departmental level to develop a report for the C-Suite audience, giving you a comprehensive roadmap to increase process throughput by leveraging robotics in the short term and then growing your automation footprint to digitally transform your entire enterprise.

End-to-End Automation
A services offering that leverages Pega’s cutting-edge automation tools/platforms and works with you to automate both front-end tasks (i.e. user desktops) and back-end processes to streamline business, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

BPM and Content Integration
Our custom-developed plugins support enterprise content management. Our plugins provide highly flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that seamlessly connect Pegasystems’ platform on enterprise-wide or line-of-business content repositories, thereby enabling what is traditionally a human-centric workflow platform into a hybrid human/content process platform.