Meet the Demands of the “New” Healthcare Era

Healthcare industry transformation is providing organizations with an opportunity to revolutionize how they operate. Our Oracle healthcare solutions augment operational performance, improve business processes, and help you realize sustainable growth in today’s ever-evolving industry.

Analytics You Can Act On

Healthcare organizations today are inundated with data. Unfortunately, the information is not useful unless it can be transformed into timely and actionable insights. Our Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help you leverage Oracle Business Analytics applications to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Experts in EPM

With more than 500 successful Hyperion implementations, our Oracle enterprise performance management (EPM) business and technology experts can help you transform your financial processes to ensure timely and accurate reporting, financial transparency and integrity, and rapid close and forecasting cycles.

Get Connected

Consumer engagement continues to be a high priority for healthcare organizations and connected health tools are the key to empowering healthcare consumers. Connected health engages patients, members, providers, and the health community using technology to deliver quality care outside of the traditional medical setting. Our Oracle CX and WebCenter Suite solutions help organizations solve the ever-evolving and increasingly complex challenges in managing and enhancing patients’ experiences.

Improve Interoperability

Our interoperability solution helps to reduce redundant data entry, speed access to information, and create a real-time flow of information through an enterprise IT system. The key benefit of creating interoperability is to improve the visibility, sharing and re-use of data collection between disparate healthcare applications and devices.